CGC Grading Process

Everything you need to know about our graded comic books for sale!

CGC has a 7 step process on which they go through comic book submissions in a professional standard which has been designed this way to ensure consistency of every submission that is sent in to be graded.

Below we will break down the process for you, to gain some keen insight of what the professionals do with our books.


On receiving submitted comic books, the professionals at CGC immediately check the submitted books against the submission paperwork while being monitored with security cameras.

Once they have checked through the submission carefully the comic books are then entered into their tracking system.


With the verification stage, CGC checks over the submission once more but more in more detail to confirm the paperwork matches up with what has been submitted.

A unique ID and Barcode number is given to the comic books so that are tracked throughout the 7 steps.

Here in the verification stage each book is separated from the paperwork so that our identity is kept unknown to the CGC graders, keeping impartiality.


Every comic book is stored safely in their vault until it is time to be reviewed for authenticity.

CGC industry-standard grading scale is ensured to prove if the comic book submitted is genuine or not.

Also of note, CGC will reject any books if they appear to be too large, explicit, too fragile or even if the incorrect cover has been sent in with the incorrect interior, such findings as these during this step CGC will issue a full refund minus a small fee from processing.


Grading isn't done solely by a single grader it is infact a team effort with multiple CGC professionals looking over the comic book for consistency.

The CGC graders will then enter their grade into the system at which point after all of the grades have been entered a final decision is made and consensus reached for the grade of the comic book.


IN this stage the CGC label gets added to the case with various key details about the encapsulated book, for example - the grade, whether or not it has white pages, any 1st appearances, artists and writers names, even the certificate number from the CGC Census.

The case holder itself is sonically sealed to prevent tampering and safeguard against counterfeiting giving the comic book enhanced protection.

Quality Control.

A CGC professional known as the Quality Control Specialist very carefully will inspect the CGC graded book, the holder and the label for any defects at this point.

Shipping & Packing.

Step 7, the comic books from the submission are finally ready to be boxed after being counted against the paperwork to make sure everything matches prior to shipping out to the submitter.

Any further information you may require about submissions, feel free to contact us!