Milestone Giveaways!

Giveways Will be Added Here When we Reach our Milestones!

To celebrate our success and our progression we will be listing giveaways on this page and details on how to enter to have the chance at winning a cool CGC Graded Comic Book, maybe some Loyalty Points, a Gift Card or even one of our Hoodies!


Giving Back to the Comic Book Community!

Everything You Need!

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100 Member Giveaway!

Subscribe to the Webstore to become a full member, once we have reached our milestone, we will do a live stream to announce the winner of a brand new 9.8 CGC graded comic book over at YouTube via our Eons of Comics channel!

Up for grabs for the 100 milestone is a blue label DCeased #1 Mattina Variant CGC graded comic.

To view the comic book, head over to our YouTube channel and watch the giveway video and don't forget to subscribe to our channel for future content!


Loyalty Points Program!

Don't forget to log in to your webstore account to get the full benefit from "Ways to Earn."

Loyalty Points Program can be found on the homepage at the bottom left hand side from the green "REWARDS" tab, where you can check on your current points total that can be redeemed on future purchases!

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Will be Updated Periodically on This Page at Each New Milestone!

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