Meet the Team

Who I Am!

"Here to share our enthusiasm of comics with you folks while in the process of building our online comic book store". 

Leigh Richard Eon


"Honestly it all started way back, almost 22 years ago when i picked up my first comic book locally at a gaming store, it wasn't a huge title but it got me hooked on comics right off the bat!

The title I picked up was called Nira #1 published by Entity Comics and it was a gold foil cover that came with a free Nira phone card. After that I came across Tomb Raider covers done by the late Michael Turner, his artwork blew me away so I quickly started to hunt his name down on other books to see what else he was producing,,,

Witchblade/Fathom/Soulfire, Superman and Batman covers, Civil War and X-men covers I couldn't get enough of his work, then that escalated into collecting full series of Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image, Dynamite Entertainment and other 3rd party publishers to the point I had almost 9,000 comics, only did I take a siesta here and there occasionally to give my finances a breather,,,

well until something else cool hit the market!"

"Any questions you may have regarding titles, publishers or grades, we will do our very best to find an answer to your request!"

"Our goal is to find as many exciting comic covers as possible, whether they be modern, Bronze or Silver age books we will always try to find something different to add to our online collection so that we can offer them to you!"